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Playing casino should be fun and exciting, which in almost every case is. Something that many players forget when choosing a casino is that the casino must also be safe to play on. After all, you insert money from your bank card or e-wallet, and just like other things you buy online, it’s important that all information is handled with privacy and security, so card details and the like do not end up in the wrong hands.

Like many other online stores and online entertainment services, it is safe in most cases. In addition to payment information that is almost always safe, it is also important that the casino has no other hidden conditions that can be set for you when you just want to play and maybe win a little money.

The majority of all casino sites are safe to play and, also, very serious actors in the industry, but to be sure, there are still some things to consider before choosing the casino to play. To make it easier for you, we have chosen to make a small guide for you to start playing or already playing.

The UK and safe casino

A good first step in the thinning is to choose a UK casino. There are a lot of UK based casinos to choose from, and we will do our best to find the best one for you on this site. One thing that you can look for is the language it is written in correct English. In addition to that, you get pretty far with common sense. Already at the first impression of a new casino, an untrained eye can form an idea of ​​how seriously the casino is considered to be. What to look for is how well-developed the casino appears to be. Fairly logical is that if an online casino where you see that they put a lot of energy and resources to it, more often will be serious than those who did something with their left hand.

A good trick is to remind you that online casinos that are known from TV are often serious and have better due diligence than those who are not as well-known. Casinos who also use so-called ambassadors or influencers, who work together with the online casino are another good indicator that the casino is safe and to be trusted.

The people behind it

If something goes wrong or if there are any things that are happening to the casino that you do not understand, it’s good if the casino has a support available, preferably in English language and preferably available over both phone and chat (this is also something you can look up before signing up). If the casino has only mail available, it does not mean by definition that the casino is uncertain as they may have it with both phone and chat. Another thing to look for is whether the casino made its address public or even better, who owns the casino, which might seem normal to all of us, it is not always the case.


All casinos are required to have a license. The most common licenses for casinos available in the UK are licensed from The UK, Malta or Curacao. As a side note, it may be difficult to know which license is good or whatever it means but a license within EU is a good sign of this. This is the situation in many European countries, but due to rules in the EU, it is perfectly acceptable for a Maltese company, for example, to obtain Maltese license and make it available to other EU countries. In fact, many of the well-known casino sites are LeoVegas, Mr. Green and Betsson all have both the UK and Maltese license, even they are in many cases founded by Scandinavians. All of them are legally allowed to operate within EU.

What do others say?

As with almost anything in life (generally speaking), mouth to mouth recommendations are the best guarantee for something is a good – as it comes from someone you know and trust. The casino is something that many people have as hobby and interest so finding blogs and pages that recommend and review different online casinos is very easy. However, many of these sites are paid to market the same casinos, so you would do yourself a favor and compare the same casino on multiple sites for a good benchmark as possible before you choose to play.

Read the Terms and Condition

It may seem boring to read the long and legal text, but it can help you a lot to see what the various casinos are all about. Here you will find the wager requirements required for bonuses and how much you can win on free spins for example. It is not entirely uncommon for an online casino to recover from big winnings made on bonus money. It would probably be more a real disappointment to see its big win disappear if you win it on bonus money and the casino only allows its players to win a few hundred on the bonuses.

Serious Partners

To avoid a game being rigged or experience any fraud, a hot tip is to ensure that the casino has established and secured partners that you recognize. That the casino collaborates with NetEnt, Zimpler, Trustly, Evolution Gaming and other well-established suppliers in the casino world.

Good Casino Sites

We are happy that you found our site interested enough to help you in your decision regarding which casinos you should choose.

As an example of good casinos that we consider to be serious, we list some UK favorites that you feel safe when you play but also some of the well-established ones that not necessarally are founded in the UK. Note that the order of the various casino pages presented below does not mean that the other is better then the next.