What is a good casino bonus?

In the UK, it’s difficult, not to say impossible to avoid advertising about online casinos, their offers, and bonuses. Looking at the TV nowadays you can see several different casinos doing cool advertising promotions. All of this to get your attention and attract one’s welcome offer after another. As you probably have noticed, it sometimes is hard to know which offer is worth pursuing and even harder to compare bonuses against each other.

Compare casino bonuses

When comparing casino bonuses against each other, it is primarily the percentage match what you need to be focusing on. Thus, a deposit bonus matched by 200% up to £100 is a lot better than a bonus matched by 100% up to £200. Simply to get more bonus money per pound and instead of maximizing the latter bonus to two hundred pounds, it is better to choose two bonuses like the first one. That way you get as much bonus money, and you only need to deposit half as much money.

Another thing to look for when comparing bonuses is the turnover requirement. For those who do not know what it is, the turnover requirement affects how easy and how difficult it is to turn the bonus money into funds that can be withdrawn. All online casinos that give out bonuses have wager requirements to counter fraud or obvious losses. Had turnover requirements not been available, it is likely a player who deposited money, tripled them and made a withdrawal without even testing games. A turnover requirement is such that you have to play for the turnover requirement times the number of bonus money. Thus, the turnover requirement is 30 times the money, and you have received £50 in bonus, you must play for £150 before any winnings have become real money.

Calculate your casino bonus

Another thing to assess is how much free spins you get and what the value of them really are.

When receiving free spins on famous slot Starburst, a spin is worth £1 a piece. That way you can say that 100 free spins are worth £100. Knowing the value of their free spin and how much you plan to put in makes it much easier to compare bonuses against each other.

The rules may differ between the different slot sites, so it is best to read the terms and condition before making your first deposit. It takes a little time, but sitting on all the facts gives you a sense of control and knowledge that you have chosen the right game site without having to learn the hard way. One tip is to use the Google search and look for “turnover requirements” regarding the offer to speed up the process.

Registration Bonus

The best bonus you will ever get on the online casino is probably the registration bonus. As the name suggests, it comes when you register, so unfortunately only once per casino and person. With that in mind, it’s important not only to find the biggest online registration bonus but also look at other offers at the casino. A long-term decision is always better in this context, provided you want to stay at a casino for a while. Do you prefer to become a network gypsy you can register and play enough to pick out your winnings, then register with another casino and do the same there. That way you can earn a good hack if you’re lucky at the game tables.

No deposit bonus

Finding the right casino is like dating. It’s not necessarily that you want to tie yourself to a game site right away, it’s reasonable to want to try before you invest time and money. Here, no deposit bonuses are worth the gold. Curious players get the chance to play, experience the casino platform and get comfortable with the entire setup before they go to checkout. Of course, it’s always advisable to read the fine print before you get into something. See it like checking out your new love on social media.