What is RTP?

RTP is a common abbreviation for the return to the player. We are talking about the game’s repayment rate. It is thus a value expressed as a percentage and showing how much of its effort, statistically, can count on getting back in terms of profits. The game’s RTP is embedded in the algorithms that controls how often and how much you can win in that particular game. Good RTP Slots may have a repayment rate of around 98%, meaning that you do not have to be very lucky to become a winning player at that particular casino game.

It is usually very easy to find information about the game’s RTP. At most casinos, you can click on a page with technical data about the different names, and it is clear how high RTP is. Normally, RTP is somewhere between 95% and 96%. Good RTP slots are games with a value that is higher than that. So-called table games with skill moments are special cases because they can have really high RTP, but only if you as players knows the rules and bet based on what’s best in a certain situation.

How does RTP work?

When it comes to RTP, there’s nothing actively you have to think about as a player once you’ve found good RTP slots. It works completely automatically and there is nothing you can do to influence its RTP while playing at a particular slot. On the other hand, make sure to get a generous bonus at the casino you play and it may mean that you get an enhanced winning chance that makes you better than the percentage expressed as the game’s RTP. It is actually possible, in certain circumstances, to get a statistical take over the casino in which you play.

Sometimes we see RTP of more than 100%; it sounds too good to be true, but only means that, without being lucky, you’ll get back more than what you bet. If this were common, there would be no casinos because all players would use the loophole. Today, you have to be quite busy to find really good RTP slots, but also bonus offers that offer extra high winning chances. A game’s RTP does not say much about how much you will win or lose with some unique spin.

How do you look at RTP in a slot?

If you find it hard to find information about RTP at a casino where you are or thinking about becoming a customer, you can often google the game name and the word RTP. There are also many objective sites that specialize in presenting facts about as many slot games as possible.

It’s not hard to find top lists with the games that have the highest RTP. Good RTP slots can be found by reading the different software manufacturers’ websites. A game’s RTP is therefore not just an industrial secret but a value you can quickly find as a player if it is a serious manufacturer. Most players get fast track of the names that can be considered to be really good RTP Slots. However, it is essential to stay up to date because there are always new games that might compete with the old top games in this regard.

When playing slots with low RTP

RTP slots with low RTP must not be bad just because many players prefer slots with as high RTP as possible.

Free spins are always free spins, and if distributed to less good RTP slots, you should be sure to play. You do not risk losing anything. Some casinos have advanced systems to reward their returning customers, and you may come up with new bonus levels by playing a lot on selected games. Above all, it is at stake with a little lower RTP.

Several really good RTP slots have a payout schedule that means that relatively many players win a small sum. It is therefore quite easy to win. Progressive jackpot games that can give out some of the gaming world’s biggest winnings, in fact, often have a little lower RTP.

When playing slots with high RTP

Good RTP slots are the form of a game that applies when you want as many chances as possible to go plus on a game in the long run. It goes without saying that you do not need much luck to win if the game’s repayment rate is close to 99%, which may be the case.

If you primarily play at the casino to want a gaming experience similar to what you can get from regular computer games, it’s often better to choose a modern video slot than really good RTP Slots. The most advanced games tend to have a bit lower RTP and they try to compensate this by being more interactive and resembling regular computer games. If you’re more interested in maximizing your winch chances, it’s the high RTP to look out for. It may also be good to keep track of the game’s payout schedule. Some games give lower wins often, others give higher wins to a few lucky players.